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Perfect ventilation is an important part of floating luxury

With Lindab Marine we can provide the complete ventilation solution for any passenger ship
ensuring a perfect indoor climate and on-board experience.
With our wide range of products, you can design a ventilation solution that is energy-efficient, weighs less, takes up less space and is easier to install than other solutions on the market.

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Passenger ship solutions

When passengers board a cruise ship, they are embarking on the experience of a lifetime. Their expectations of comfort and luxury are therefore high – and the indoor climate is an essential part of the overall impression. The ventilation must comply with all the requirements we have for an
optimal indoor climate – In terms of air and temperature as well as noise. In brief, the ventilation should contribute to a unique, perfect experience on board.

Inventory now IN stock, Pompano Beach, FL, USA

Dantech Group, USA, has entered into a strategic partnership with LINDAB Marine , Denmark.

Lindab’s world-leading technology and support, now allows Dantech, to offer energy-saving upgrades & refurbishment of HVAC system, with great benefit, to our customers, within the cruise and cargo ship industry.

This new collaboration also means, that Dantech Group now stocks LINDAB duct materials and spare parts, at our warehouse in pompano Beach FL ,which allows us to service the US market on day to day basis.

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