Cost- effective coating solutions for Marine and Offshore

Coatings to protect your ventilation

We offer a range of solutions that can be adapted to most of the existing ventilation systems. Both in storey properties, production facilities and on, for example, ships. All our coatings are fire resistant, easy to work with and cost effective. Combined with a long life expectancy, coating is a sustainable choice.


Production, offshore and maritime

We know that ventilation on ships and in production facilities is exposed to conditions that increase the risk of corrosion and shorten the life of the channel. This may be due to both the high salt content of the air and chemical vapors. We can help both cruise ships with pools.

As in buildings, the ventilation system on ships is also an important part of the ship’s fire protection because ventilation can cause fire and smoke throughout the ship. The fire-retardant properties of the coating help prevent the fire from spreading and contribute to the building’s fire protection.

Compared to traditional methods of controlling corrosion in ventilation and fire protection, E-AT’s solution is cost-effective, as we avoid many of the traditional costs of materials and labor. At the same time, it is a quick method so that daily routines are minimally affected.

The solution can be adapted to both round and square vents of different sizes. The coating is flexible and can be used on the surfaces typically found in the ventilation system.


  • The coating seals leaking ducts so that less energy is wasted on leaky systems
  • Flame retardant coating
  • Extends the life of new and old plants. The solution can also be used if the system is already suffering from rust or corrosion
  • Less dust is collected in the system because the dust has more difficulty in sticking to the coating than in an ordinary. tube. This results in the dust being collected in the filters and not in the pipe system
  • Our coatings are easy to work with and environmentally friendly
  • We offer a special coating (SC50) which is suitable for environments with a high risk of corrosion and has good resistance to chemical fumes
  • Our coatings are easy to work with and environmentally friendly